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Reading this website for a few months now, would like the ability to contribute back.



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Dror posted a blog post
When I first started to mess around with RTKLIB I've wanted to have a nice UI to do that, while researching it I came across a product from drotek.com which already has a nice UI and I was glad to find its an open source (!!). So I decided to sit…
Jun 27, 2017
Dror commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Intel cancels Edison, Joule boards
"Is there any real reason no one checks out the Chinese replacements?

I have a pretty good experience with the H2+ boards (e.g. Orange PI Zero), in terms of performance, pricing and reliability. so far so good and the price is very attractive $7-9,…"
Jun 23, 2017
Dror replied to Evorowy's discussion Homemade FlightController.
"I think you're using a raw gyro and accelerometer, these things are not accurate and have a lot of drift, to solve the drift problem you will need some sort of anchor, like a megnetometer, which is very slow but relatively accurate.
In MPU6050…"
Mar 20, 2017