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Why all the secrecy?

Everyone involved in the FAA regulatory process is saying it is illegal for them to comment.

However, U.S. Code ( Here and Here ) says the opposite:


"The FAA may close an ARAC meeting or a portion of an ARAC meeting only for reasons such

as when inform

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What is an UAV?

According to the FAA, only the term UAS is proper although they recognize that there are small UAS AKA sUAS. The term UAV is officially dropped although still used by many, even in the FAA, old words die hard.

Everything from a rubber powered balsa ai

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Not complaining, just curious

Why are there so many people still using sUASs commercially in light of the fact that the FAA has forbidden their commercial use without a COA or Airworthiness Certificate?

I ask this because the FAA is creating rules for sUAS operations and it seems

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