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Should I change hexa frame into Y6?

Depending on transportation, my Hexa frame is too big. I am concerning changing it into Y6. Does anyone has experience about this?

Does it affect to stable, duration and vibration?

Please give me some more information.



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Some pattern blinking leds

After reading some topics about this and reading new code, I created some pattern of blinking leds.

I also modified a little code of leds.pde, so it easy to extent and add more. Now it can blink depending on fly mode.

I write code of showing leds as:


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How to clear waypoints?

Hi All,

Could someone tell me how to clear all waypoints set in arducopter?

I really appreciate for any information.


P.s: it seems to be that there is some issue in set waypoints in planner 1.0.97 it generates many wrong waypoints after writin

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