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Eric Kut replied to Cala's discussion Pixhawk and external compass, not compatible? in ArduCopter User Group
"In order to use the 3.3v ext compass on pixhawk and avoid the 3.3v to 5v problem, connect the VCC wire to the second pin (from left to right) on SPI port, as it is 3.3v, and leave the other 3 wires on the I2c port as you would normally."
Aug 29, 2016
Eric Kut replied to Tono's discussion Pixhawk compatible compass in ArduCopter User Group
"I managed to solve this by connecting the VCC wire not to I2c port but to second pin (from left to right) of SPI port, as it reads 3.3v on my multimeter. Works ok, no problems so far."
Aug 29, 2016
Eric Kut posted a discussion
Dear modelers, I need an older version of Arduplane hex to upload do my board: up to 3.2.3, as newer versions don't have the camera mount code for APM 2.5, but can't find it on mission planner or at http://firmware.ardupilot.org/ , only newer…
Jul 1, 2016
Eric Kut posted a discussion
Dear sirs,I'd appreciate your help. My knowledge in electronics is not zero, but very limited.I have an APM2.5, with Power Module, GPS, external compass and 3dr-like telemetry V1, on a plane, a big 2.2m span weasel-like flying wing, twin-motor,…
May 25, 2015
Eric Kut replied to Drones Imaging's discussion Precision Agriculture & plant activity
"Hello Michal,

I live in Brazil, and I am developing a drone for precision agriculture. I'd like to know more about your dual-camera setup. How do you merge both pictures?


Jun 20, 2014
Eric Kut posted a discussion
I was wondering: as the pitot tube is an air inlet, what would happen if, during flight, the plane caught some rain, or flew through a low clowd? The plane can be made water resistant, but what if the water enters the pitot tube and goes to the…
Nov 20, 2013
Eric Kut replied to MAerialPhoto's discussion Glider vs Flying Wings wich is better?
"Here my 2 cent:

If you really want to discuss efficiency, tailed designs are better. They need less wing area to carry the same weight, and you have an excelent performance with flaps, for short, easier and safer landing and takeoff. Less wing area…"
Nov 16, 2013