Nova Scotia

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Just a regular drone hobbyist.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am looking to do a little commercial work but for the most part I am looking to have fun... I can't wait to get my FPV up and running!



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ExitZero commented on Matt Droter's blog post Drone flyover lands Montreal man $1,000 fine
"It is clear he is a commercial operator from his website and made an error thinking he could get around the guidelines...
Lesson learned...moving on."
Dec 29, 2014
ExitZero commented on Iain Butler's blog post How to Crash your Drone in 30 Seconds…….Or hopefully not with a little bit of information.
"A sad sight indeed..."
Dec 28, 2014
ExitZero posted a photo
A simple data logger that allows google map overlay
Nov 22, 2014
ExitZero commented on Andy Nickerson's blog post Flexrotor "Thetis" at Boardman on a nice November afternoon.
"Nice work!"
Nov 11, 2014
ExitZero posted a blog post
Horizon Hobby FAZEChildren of all ages are going to love this little craft.I have a a couple Cheerson CX10's on order for the kids because they were more cost effective (hey I have three kids!).I was over to the local hobby shop the other day and…
Nov 11, 2014
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Nov 10, 2014
ExitZero posted a blog post
I have been smitten with the whole idea of being able to see the world from a new perspective.  As an amateur photographer and videographer the very notion of having a unique vantage point a hundred meters or so above my subject is nothing short of…
Nov 10, 2014
ExitZero commented on Heidi Goeringer's photo
"I love the prop shrouds..."
Nov 9, 2014
ExitZero commented on Heidi Goeringer's photo
"Wow...nice work indeed!"
Nov 9, 2014