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ExplodingLemur posted a blog post
Slashdot linked to this article on a Bixler in Sumatra that appears to be equipped with an Ardupilot, based on the mission planner in use on their laptop.
Feb 23, 2012
ExplodingLemur commented on ExplodingLemur's blog post Turnigy 9X mode change guide on iFixit
"I.S.: Nope, those screws are definitely spring tension. I don't think there is an adjustment for the stick stops.
The stick return springs are hooked to the little spring arms on one side, and a little plastic block on the other. The screws adjust…"
May 24, 2011
ExplodingLemur posted a blog post
I picked up a Turnigy 9X at the DIY Drones booth at Maker Faire yesterday.  The ones for sale were set up for mode 1 operation, so I went over to iFixit to borrow a screwdriver...and ended up with a full set of photos taken by Miro of iFixit.  I…
May 23, 2011