Turnigy 9X mode change guide on iFixit


I picked up a Turnigy 9X at the DIY Drones booth at Maker Faire yesterday.  The ones for sale were set up for mode 1 operation, so I went over to iFixit to borrow a screwdriver...and ended up with a full set of photos taken by Miro of iFixit.  I know there are already a few other guides out there, but now there's one more with pretty pictures :)



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  • @Lemur

    Ok, thanks. will tweak those next time I open my Tx

  • oh nice work :)
  • o very nice!
  • Mode 1 were the only ones available at that time, I'm glad you did this after you bought that from us! Thanks! Great quality too!
  • I.S.: Nope, those screws are definitely spring tension. I don't think there is an adjustment for the stick stops.
    The stick return springs are hooked to the little spring arms on one side, and a little plastic block on the other. The screws adjust the positions of those plastic blocks to make the spring more or less stretched out.
  • On step 9: adjusting screws for spring tension.

    I might be wrong but I think those screws adjust stick stops, not spring tension (which is fixed)

  • Excellent, thanks for that! All I need to do is persuade my flying teacher to change his mental processes to use a Mode 2 setup now.
  • Nice, man. Thanks for posting!
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