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I like quadcopters

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F commented on Austin Suhler's blog post IRIS+ Optical Flow + LIDAR-Lite Loitering: The chronicle
"Hello Austin,
are you using some kind of BEC for powering? If so, which one is it?I tried to use an ultrasonic range finder, powered directly from the pixhawk, but the readings were too unreliable, despite my efforts to shield it and grounding it…"
Aug 11, 2015
F commented on Randy's blog post Red Balloon Finder
"Hi @Randy,
I'm coding for a project similar to your red balloon finder, with similar settings (quad + pixhawk + odroid u2 + cam).I wanted to ask if it's better to drive the drone via a RC override message and direct channels PWM assignments (i.e.…"
Mar 11, 2015
F posted a discussion
Hi all,for a project for a robotic lab, i'd like to build an automous quadcopter able to follow a path and land on its own. I'd like to use an onboard android phone to do the image processing and recognition part, so that I avoid to send the video…
Feb 1, 2014