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High current sensing for power module


Why not use thread as shunt ?
The power module use a 0.0005 shunt resitor for a mximum of 90 amperes.
If we use the thread as shunt we can measure a current more than 90 amperes.

Example for 10 AWG wire with 10 cm long :
The resistor for 10 AWG is ~ 3.27

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Tunigy 9x Firmware with Mavlink stack



I release a new firmware for Turnigy 9x,

You can use telemetry from APM (watching battery voltage and GPS informations).

You can tune major value of PID (not all).

And the last you can change flight mod via Mavlink or PPM chanel. 


Actually I test

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Dead IDG 500 and rework IMU


I have tested the IMU only two weeks all the components works fine, and after I dont know why,

only IDG 500 doesnt response as you can see on arducopter configurator (blue and red graph).
So I decide to remove the IDG 500 with my hot air solderin

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