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Gordon Liron replied to Chris Boerema's discussion Amazing Video From DJI P3 Pro
"I bailed after one minute.  Shots were steady but that's the P3.  Shots were not interesting...at least what i saw in that minute.  Nobody's professional reel is more than 2 minutes.  You should let people decide if your video is amazing...your…"
Jun 24, 2016
Gordon Liron replied to Benjamin Youngblood's discussion Video of San Luis Obispo California!
"keep practicing."
Jun 24, 2016
Gordon Liron replied to Loren Sanders Sr's discussion Newbie after Rendering, video not sharp but fuzzy edges overall
"The original video may be fuzzy or I'm guessing you may mean out of focus.  Really not a whole lot can be done if that's the case.  Also, as Tim already mentioned, the file type does affect sharpness.  However compression does.  If your grandson…"
Jun 24, 2016
Gordon Liron replied to Ben's discussion Coast Aerial Video
"I'd pick different music...pull all out all NON aerial shots and cut it down.  There isn't a narrative so random shots for 3 minutes to that music gets old.  I'd also focus on cutting on BEAT and lose those flutter transitions.  The drone shots were…"
Jun 24, 2016
Gordon Liron replied to Lebron239's discussion Drone video competition
"You have some cool shots.  My only note is you seem to be showcasing your abilities in editing rather than aerial photography.  Most filmmakers agree that the goal is to have your audience immersed into the experience and your editorial choices…"
Jun 24, 2016