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Underwater navigation

I'm intrigued by the possible applications of underwater drones, but as someone new to this subject, I'm clueless as to how navigation is managed for a vehicle that remains submerged for any length of time.  I assume magnetic orientation is available

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High-altitude multirotor drones?

I'm  a fixed-wing guy (so far), but I have a  possibly naive question about the maximum altitude that off-the-shelf multirotor (quad or hex?) drone can reliably reach if your objective is to quickly loft a modest (say, <200 gram) payload exactly vert

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Good source for connectors and cables?

I'm working on getting my new Pixhawk2 up and running in an RC plane, and I keep running into the problem that I don't have specific connectors or cables for making connections between the various components.  For example, I don't have a 3-wire cable

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