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I am 21 and i am achieving a degree in computer sciences (Industrial computing) at the HEPL - INPRES Seraing. At the moment, I am working on a project based on a QuadCopter which use a APM to control the copter.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

As I said in my presentation, I am working on the APM and all it whereabouts. The purpose of my work is to understand the programs ArduCopter and Mission Planner to develop improvements for these programs (like a recovering parachute, couple the APM Board with another integrated board in order to make the drone smarter with image processing applications etc...) Also, analyze ArduCopter and Mission Planner will improve my own computing skills and will show me other way to control remote systems (I've been fascinated by the programmed scheduler that can simulate multi task on the APM because, so far, i have only worked with OS/Embedded OS to control remote systems).



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Guillaume Braibant left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Normally, you should not have any warning with the Arducopter code. Do you use the modified Arduino version for ArduCopter? In the first comment lines, there is a link to download the modifed Arduino version."
Jun 22, 2013
Guillaume Braibant left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Hello Remus,

I am doing the same work as you. There is no manual about the structure of ArduCopter but the code is very well commented.
Howerver, the structure of the program is easy to understand and will not take more than one week to be fully…"
May 8, 2013
Guillaume Braibant replied to Doug Walmsley's discussion Ardupilot Mega 2.5 - Communication Error-No Connection in ArduCopter User Group

did you calibrate your own COM port (on the ground station) ?

Use the periphals managements interface, find the COM port which is used to connect the APM and check if, in the properties interface, the baud rate is set to 115200.

It is a…"
May 5, 2013
Guillaume Braibant replied to Cristian Rougier's discussion Motor spin slow than others in ArduCopter User Group

I had the same problem and here's some tips to get it fixed.

1. Verify the motors connections and ESC calibrations (If it seems ok for you, go to the second step).

2.  With Mission Planner, look at the artificial sight and check if the…"
Apr 30, 2013