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ArduPhantom 2 Vision+

A coworker gave me an old phantom 2 vision+ that wasn't working anymore and I couldn't help myself.  It's made almost entirely from my spare parts bin and I can say it flies well and doesn't look too bad.

  • Pixracer
  • Mro SAM GPS
  • Mro Telemetry
  • Lidar Lite V3
  • A

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Compassmot in apm 2.6 mission planner 1.3.5

Guys i need a little help on this as I am having a little trouble finding the right answer in the search.  All of the videos on compass motor calibration say go to terminal.  In the mission planner 1.3.5 i see no terminal in the normal location.  On

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Which Quad Copter to Buy please help anyone

Im just now getting into the quad copters and have recently been doing alot of google researching on them but i know from experience that i can get alot of help from people that have already been around the block. Sooo, i am looking for something tha

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