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Ian CL replied to ActionDrone's discussion Is it possible to implement DJI smart batteries?
"Not really suitable for multirotors, but if you're looking for long endurance (fixed-wing) check out my new thread:https://diydrones.com/forum/topics/iridium-dynamics-batteries-high-..."
May 6, 2018
Ian CL replied to Rafi Nahmani's discussion How to get my drone to fly for 3 to 5 hours??
"Yes, I think "nobody" replied because there is no energy source which provides 3x the energy density of batteries which are suitable for small aircraft.Beyond all the "promising" battery technologies (lithium air, sodium) which will not be on the…"
May 6, 2018
Ian CL posted a discussion
Hi all,At Iridium Dynamics we've been working on a long-endurance fixed-wing / rotary-wing hybrid aircraft called Halo. Long story short: we found there is very little choice of high energy-density batteries available for long endurance electric…
May 6, 2018