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How to Geotag images using Dataflash logs

Hi, I have been trying to geotag images using the data flash logs downloaded from the APM, but I have not been able to get the correct locations to be tagged in the pictures. I suspect that I need to change the Log Offsets line? but I do not know the

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How to plan a long range survey flight

I want to plan a long range survey flight, I will be using a skywalker x8 to do the test, but I am wondering what settings I should use on the APM for things like failsafes and loss of telemetry situations. I want to cover an area of around 1 square

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GoPro settings for geotagging images later

Hi, I want to use a Y6 that is fitted with a GoPro to make some simple maps. I have the GoPro on a tarot gimbal and I can take pics straight down. But I was wondering how to setup the camera to easily geotag the pics later. 

If I setup the camera for

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How to connect a 3DR Power Module to PX4/PX4IO

So, how in the world do you use a 3DR Power Module with the PX4?

I would like to be able to measure both voltage and current with the PX4, and using the direct connection to the battery will only give me voltage. Is there a way to connect the power mo

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Power Distribution Board cable issues.

Has anyone experienced problems with the control cable connections on the power distribution board? I have had two of the cables break off at the soldering point. 

I was wondering if anyone had similar problems and how did they solve them? maybe put i

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New Y6 ESC failure in flight

Hi I am pretty new to the forum and yesterday I had my first crash of my brand new Y6. I built this from scratch, and had flown it 6 times. Since the first flight I had sudden pitch movements/glitches but they went away after less than a minute of th

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3DR Radios w/ qGroundControl on OSX

I have been trying to get information about using the 3DR Radios on OSX in conjunction with qGroundControl but I have not been able to find anything. 

I have the 3DR radios working with mission planner on my mac using parallels to run Windows 8, but I

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