Power Distribution Board cable issues.

Has anyone experienced problems with the control cable connections on the power distribution board? I have had two of the cables break off at the soldering point. 

I was wondering if anyone had similar problems and how did they solve them? maybe put in a connector?


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  • Yes I had 2 come off as well. Mine was the newer type, hot glued from 3DR. It was easier than I thought to peel up the glue.

  • I had all of the cable break at some point. Having a good soldering iron, desoldering tools, solder and the skills really helped to fix the problem. 

    I will apply the hot glue gun technique as mentioned here.

    Dear 3DR

    Please replace the wire to board connection with pin headers and then supply a cable. It will make us all happier.

    • I did break the power leads in the center of the board but I am thinking join it using hot glue but I wonder if this is going to be a reliable solution because I do not want to make soldering because my soldering skills are not so good? What do you recommend?

      Guillermo Azocar S.

  • Didn't think of hot glue. Good advice. Ended up resoldering the whole board after both the APM power cables and a couple of the control wires came off during installation.
  • Well, I just built my second Y6 from 3DR and I found that the board now comes with some sort of glue already there. Its nice to see 3DR doing improvements.

  • Ok, point taken :) I used hot glue and hopefully they won't fail again.

  • I'll chime in too and say to add low temp hot glue to these areas. :)


    I've never had that solder break but I did break the power leads in the center of the board when I was dismantling my Y6.



  • I always tell anyone (that will listen ;p) using these boards to add hot glue around those wires as mentioned by William. Just the micro vibrations from flying seem like they eventually will cause a failure here. When i built my first quad with a 3dr PDB, by the time it was installed within the frame, one of the wires had already come off.

    now i add hot glue as soon as they come out of their packaging.

  • When I built my 3DR Y6, I was concerned by the reliability of those connections. Like Fred recommended I used a low temp hot glue gun to provide some extra strength.

  • Not had the problem, but since this pretty much stays in place once it has been built, what I have used in the past on areas like this is low temp hot glue or silicone, I sometimes use it to make sure the wires also stay separated in tight spaces. Not sure it it would work in this case.

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