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Amatuer Electronics Experimenter Model Flight Enthusiast

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Want to add increased functionality to my current and future planes. Have always been interested in unmanned flight.



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Jake Warren commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Tandem Heli flies autonomously with Pixhawk
"Very cool.
Are the drive systems linked, like in a chinook, so if one engine fails the other can still power both rotors?
Also, it looks like the rotors overlap. Are they timed to miss each other or are they vertically offset from one another?"
Jun 23, 2015
Jake Warren commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post APM:Plane 3.2.0 released
"Firstly I would like to say thank you to all who have worked to develop this software.
However, I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have been using arduplane for some time with an APM 2.5, and have always had issues with the onboard…"
Nov 26, 2014
Jake Warren commented on Yanjun Zhang's blog post First flight, 3DR Y6 to bear my aerial photography in the Amazon?
"Looks like an awesome setup. What cloverleaf antennas are you using with the telemetry?(and is it 900 or 433 mhz) Have you range tested them at all?"
Feb 21, 2014
Jake Warren posted a discussion
Hello everyone,Please advise:Today I was flying my HK Bixler with APM 2.5, doing some testing in preparation for a simulated Search and Rescue challenge next weekend with my local drone group. This is about my 12th fully autonomous mission I have…
Feb 1, 2014
Jake Warren commented on Hunter Parris's blog post Overlaying GPS Coordinates for Camera Crosshairs
"I'm no expert at code, but I would love to get a piece of what you're working on. In terms of application, it would be nice to be able to aim your camera gimbal at something, then tell your quad to head to those coordinates and get a closer look. Or…"
Nov 27, 2013
Jake Warren posted a discussion
I just purchased and received the 3DR CMOS camera. Looks like a great product but the 3 wire cable harness is confusing me... The red and black are obviously power but as for the composite video (yellow) i'm stumped! how do you connect a single…
Aug 17, 2012
Jake Warren posted a discussion
I am attempting to set up a live camera feed for my drone under construction, and I am working on a limited budget. Can anyone suggest components that can transmit and receive a low frame rate video feed? Could I use the 3DR telemetry kit? I would…
Jul 26, 2012