Addison, TX

About Me:

I am a Software Engineer from Texas. I have held an internship at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. I actually worked very close to UAVs, I think they actually used the term UAS more often. It was an amazing experience.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

As a child i build many many stick and tissue rubber band planes. Eventually I was able to get an RC airplane but crashed it when flying it in strong wind. I was too young. Fast forward and in engineering school i developed an interest in AI and autonomous machines. I recently graduated and now finally have the money to delve back into RC airplanes. Combine all this and its easy to see why I have an interest here.



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James Pearson replied to Gerard Toonstra's discussion additional SPI devices with ArduPilot Mega
"I have been wondering this myself. Granted it appears that for $18 is dollars for the 7456 then if I need an arduino add another $20 plus $10 for connectors board and all the random other crap that I will find out I need as I build it could cost…"
May 19, 2011
James Pearson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Range Video busted for selling illegal video transmitters
"Ah, thanks Kyle. Thats what I was looking for. Yeah... that sounds like something I would rather not interfere with. I was hoping it was reserved for something that no one ever uses any longer and that would not have safety implications."
May 13, 2011
James Pearson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Range Video busted for selling illegal video transmitters
"So what are 980 MHz, 1010 MHz and 1040 MHz used for. All I can find while googling the net is that people generally agree that they are not legal for our uses and are also not legal with a ham license. In general if I want to find out if its legal…"
May 13, 2011
James Pearson posted a discussion
So i just purchased a Futaba FP-T8UAF. How can I reset this thing back to factory settings? Or at erase the saved settings per model. I am getting the hang of changing settings from the manual but it would be nice if I could start fresh with factory…
Apr 24, 2011
James Pearson replied to Patrick Mccabe's discussion RC receiver
"Just going to thrown in another solution I was considering encase my ESC did not put out a safe 5-6 volts. Its also possible to use a 7805 voltage regulator. Or maybe there is a problem with doing this... Any one feel to point out a problem with…"
Oct 13, 2010