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Developer and programmer in MCU technology (ARM)

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I am building my own fly board



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Jan posted a discussion
Hi,I want to use accelerometer and baro for computing altitude on my own DIY flight controller.So my question is: How can I get distance (altitude) from accelerometer (probably double integration of acceleration.)... SO what are the steps to get it?…
May 6, 2016
Jan posted a discussion
Hi,I am doing my quadrocopter (control board) and I can not tune my PID perfectly... Can you anyone help me and tell me how to change my PID values? Thank you!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewhDkW4-DmU
Apr 30, 2016
Jan posted a discussion
Dear,I am tunnig PID but my result are not good. can you help me?D  - I filter by moving average from 400 samples and I limit D to +- 20I - I limit it to +- 5Wanted value is zero 0Actualy P is 0.7, I=1, D=1.5https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDTqlZWAb…
Apr 1, 2016
Jan replied to Tobias Simon's discussion Madgwick IMU/AHRS and Fast Inverse Square Root
I am new here and want to use Madgwick library for my drone. I use CORTEX M4, and as IMU have a STEVAL-MKI124V1.
I am not sure :
In which units I have to put a data to do function MadgwickAHRSupdateIMU? (Accel, Gyro, Magnet).
Do I have to calli…"
Aug 2, 2015