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Jan Swanepoel posted a discussion
Hi,I am busy building up a new Y6 and noticed a very strange thing. Every flight (only about 4 of them) I have done with this standard 3DR Pixhawk and GPS/Compass module so far I get DGPS lock (GPS_STATUS = 4).Mission Planner also starts out with…
Aug 17, 2016
Jan Swanepoel replied to Ryan Rasmussen's discussion Could somebody verify if my mavlink request is correct?
"Hi Andrew, did you ever solve your problem?
I am also new to Mavlink and got it working with C#, one thing I noticed is that you have a "crc extra" byte. Not sure where it fits as I don't use such a byte.
Here are some of my packet contents that can…"
Feb 11, 2013
Jan Swanepoel posted a discussion
Hi,So I am trying to retrieve sensor information from my ArduCopter to my c# application and as such need to use Mavlink.From the Mission Planner source I have found functions to create the packets with check-sums and all. Once connected I can see…
Jan 23, 2013