Seattle, WA

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Seattle, WA

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Jason posted a discussion in IRIS
Hi,I'm want to use my RX100M3 with my Iris +. I just got a new mount and now I want to hook up to the pixhawk. I'm a noob when doing this but thought it would be a fun project for me. Any suggestions or direction to where I can do this would be…
Mar 28, 2017
Jason posted a discussion
Hello,I'm hoping some one can assist me by helping me, telling me, or directing me to what parts to purchase to add a FPV system to my old 3dr iris +.I want to mount a screen on a tripod and/or on remote (both would be nice) to frame up shots. I…
Mar 23, 2017
Jason left a comment on IRIS+ OWNERS
Looks like no one has posted here in a while but I figure I will take a shot. I have an Iris + with a go pro 4 silver and I would like to add a FPV so I can have a screen mounted on a tripod so I can frame up shots. Not sure if this is worth…"
Mar 23, 2017
Jason posted a discussion
Hello!First time post and not sure where to start...I'm looking for guidance or direction on what complete system (drone platform and software) that would be ideal for mapping 2D/3D geo rectified orthophotos and obtaining elevation data.  I'm hoping…
Jul 30, 2015