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I've always loved rc cars, planes, boats, and helicopters growing up. This is just the next step!

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Jason posted a discussion
Flying cars will never become mainstream, and why our drones crash. I grew up reading my Grandfathers old Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines, flipping through the pages with wide eyes and big dreams. Reading though articles that…
May 5, 2013
Jason replied to Jason's discussion Strange problem with gps lock and arming the motors. APM 2.5
"Ok reflased the APM and it seemed to work but now it's not. Still doing the same thing."
Jan 29, 2013
Jason posted a discussion
On the APM 2.5 opposite side of the ABC lights is a large blue LED with a smaller red led.  The blue should be solid while the red LED either blinks when disarmed or is solid if the motors are armed.My problem is that when I plug in the battery…
Jan 26, 2013
Jason replied to Jason's discussion First flight auto trimming question.
Jan 21, 2013
Jason posted a discussion
Alright I got my first flight under my belt and had an auto trimming question. Now according to the wiki it says not to trim on my radio. Can I trim on my radio for the 45 second auto trimming flight to get it set? Meaning if I trim on the radio…
Jan 20, 2013
Jason replied to Jason's discussion Hexacopter kit assembly, esc issues (I'm probably missing something)
"Any reason as to why the manual calibration of the ESCs didnt beep as described in the instructions?"
Dec 18, 2012
Jason posted a discussion
Ok guys I need a little help here, I'm beating my head against the wall with this problem.  I am putting together a Hexacopter kit from 3d robotics. I have a brand new DX8 transmitter to go along with it.I have the copter put together and I'm having…
Dec 17, 2012
Jason posted a discussion
I have ordered the 3d robotics hexacopter kit and I have no clue how to choose a battery for it!
Oct 15, 2012