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Jean Cyr replied to Gabriel DeVault's discussion Using pixhawk as a relay? in PIXHAWK
"The older px4fmu/px4io combo had relay switches built-in you could use exactly the way you want. Unfortunately this useful feature was dropped from the Pixhawk integrated design."
Apr 21, 2015
Jean Cyr replied to Henry V's discussion Video tutorials -- Ardupilot or PX4? in PIXHAWK
"Ardupilot seems the only viable solution. As a contributing developer I've grown tired of the constantly evolving, always buggy, and poorly documented (always out of date) PX4 stack."
Apr 21, 2015
Jean Cyr replied to Cala's discussion Pixhawk connectors in PIXHAWK
"Indeed these connectors are horrible. There was talk in the px4users Google group 6 months to a year ago about selecting a different connector type... I think nothing came of it."
Apr 21, 2015
Jean Cyr posted a discussion
This receiver binds and functions properly to a Spektrum DX5e in the proprietary design I got it from, and I'd like to interface it with the APM2.5 flight controller. To do that I need to know more about its 3-wire interface. There are no model or…
Jun 1, 2013
Jean Cyr posted a discussion
I've got a DSMX receiver module with a 3 wire PPM interface I want to use with an APM2.5 board. Properly jumper-ed the APM2.5 will accept and use the PPM stream from the receiver. Now the question I have is how to put the receiver in bind mode? The…
May 31, 2013
Jean Cyr replied to Jean Cyr's discussion Newbiee question
"Thanks all. That's a great Wiki. Found what I need here: http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/PPMsumRC"
May 21, 2013
Jean Cyr posted a discussion
Will the APM2.x flight controller interface with a DSMX receiver. The reason I ask is that I have a nearly complete quadrotor in need of a flight controller. The receiver module in question is a small half by one inch board with a three wire…
May 20, 2013