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Author, Producer, Videographer and Trainer

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Product tester/reviewer for ProVideo Coalition, and love to experiment with new technologies, and flying methods. You can read more from my blog: http://pixelpainter.com


Hercules, CA

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Jeff Foster commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Sony/3DR announce new Enterprise camera for Solo
"Wow - great news for 3DR Chris! Would love to have you guys demo in the NAB aerial Robotics & Drone Pavilion in Central Hall (we have a 60'x60 cage, big screens and 100 seats) if you're ready for it by then."
Mar 7, 2016
Jeff Foster replied to Tamas's discussion NDVI survey effect on financials in Agricultural UAVs
"I would like to see some actual numbers as well. Following this post..."
Apr 28, 2015
Jeff Foster replied to Pierre's discussion Multirotor v.s. helicopter in agricultural UAVs field for pesticide spraying in Agricultural UAVs
"They've been using (gas powered UAVS) in Japan for over 20 years to do small crop spot spraying, so not trying to adapt modern day electric multirotors to this purpose. Here's one good article on the…"
Apr 24, 2015
Jeff Foster left a comment on Agricultural UAVs
"Wow - great article RIchard Burd! Thanks for sharing!"
Dec 9, 2014
Jeff Foster commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post The big 3 without editing
"...and Jeff Foster is among the unemployed, investing his time and limited resources to put on the workshop, while others find it's okay to simply steal the source materials. :/ Yet he didn't taketh away, as that was the CreativeLive lawyers."
Aug 4, 2014
Jeff Foster commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post The big 3 without editing
"While you're certainly entitled to your opinion of the workshop we put together for CreativeLive, the hijacked YouTube videos were not authorized to be published and have been reported. "
Jul 23, 2014