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Strange GPS Problem

I seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm setting up a Pixhawk Lite with an lea6h gps. I installed 3.3 and it flies great. 

I'm trying to figure out why my lea6h does not work even though Mission Planner says I have a 3d fix and shows th

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Compass Problems

Compass inconsistency. This is a  PixHawk Lite with an M8N GPS. The external compass is on top and pointed in the right direction.
Both compasses calibrate. They show up the the parameter list with Id's and offsets.
But, in the main window in MP only t

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Strange Motor Action

Hello Friends,
I am having a strange thing happen here.
I have been flying my APM 2.6 for about 6 months on various frames. It works great. The last month or so I have been flying V3.2R10 It worked great.
I mounted the APM on an F450 frame and put 3.2 o

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Flight Modes?

Hello Friends,

   I have 6 flight modes set up using my Gear and 3 way switches. They work fine. I would like one more flight mode, Stabilize in the Simple mode using my throttle hold switch. Can you have more than 6 Flight Modes?
Thank You

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