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John Bledsoe posted a discussion
I am in the middle of learning the Arduplane code so that I can add analog channels and change the logging rate.  I have version 3.4.0, but I would like to have version 3.3.0.  I am using APM2.5 and version 3.4.0 took away some features I need.How…
Oct 2, 2015
John Bledsoe posted a discussion
I am using the APM2.5 as a data logger.  I am learning the code hoping to be able to make changes.I eventually need 10 analog channels being recorded to Dataflash.  In the meantime, I plan on using the 8 channels available: Two rangefinders,…
Sep 9, 2015
John Bledsoe posted a discussion
I have successfully tested a Python script to move the elevator up & down.  I now want to move the elevator in response to an analog input.  I can not find how to read an analog input with Python.I am using Arduplane with an APM2.5 and Mission…
Jul 10, 2015