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Building my own quadcopter, just for the fun! http://johnleach.co.uk/words/category/tech/quadcopter


Bradford, United Kingdom

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John Leach posted a discussion
I wrote a blog post explaining throttle failsafe calibration (because I couldn't find an explanation I found clear enough and it took me a while to understand it!)It's for a Spektrum DX8 and AR8000 but I the basic theory should be the same for most…
Feb 26, 2014
John Leach posted a discussion
Newer versions of Mission Planner  (1.2.50+ iirc) need some additional mono packages to work on Ubuntu. They're only available in Ubuntu Precise 12.04 and above though. You can install them like this: sudo apt-get install -y mono-runtime…
Sep 23, 2013
John Leach posted a discussion
In case anyone else is having problems, I had trouble with getting Mission Planner to work on Linux after about version 1.2.36. I was getting various "System.TypeLoadException" errors.Anyway, as I understand, MP has been upgraded to use a newer…
Apr 13, 2013
John Leach replied to John Leach's discussion rtl apparently succeeded but veered off rather than landing
"Tested again today with much more space. First time, it was successful. loitered above home for the 5 seconds I have it set to, then lowered to 2m and held position.

The second time I tested, it just headed in the opposite direction, to a point…"
Apr 9, 2013
John Leach posted a discussion
I've built a APM 2.5+ based quadcopter running AC 2.9.1 firmware. I got a gps lock before I took flight, flew around a bit quite successfully (landing several times).I then switched it into RTL mode to test it out - it increased altitude, rotated…
Apr 2, 2013
John Leach posted a discussion
Hi everyone,I'm a ardupilot newbie and I'm trying to get hardware in-loop simulation working with flightgear (on Ubuntu Linux) for my quadcopter (the aim is to learn a little bit how to fly before I finish building my own real craft).missionplanner…
Feb 3, 2013