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yet another rear steer question

Hey guys, I have been googling this question for a bit, an posted on another forum.  With no luck.  Hoping someone here may have some experience with this what I want to do.

What I want is rear steer.  But I dont want it independent.  I have a Spectru

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John's Crawler Drone Build Thread

Welcome to my build thread.  This is my first attempt at building a ardurover based on APM 2.5.  The RC platform I am building on is an Axial SCX10 rc crawler (2012 Jeep Rubicon).  The end goal I am aiming for is large obstacle avoidance.  Where this

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NOOB in need of assistance understanding

To get to the point of the qustion at hand, it involves the electronics.  More the relationship between the reciever, the drone hardware, an the servos.


I have not purchased anything yet as I am still researching what I want.  I have a 6 ch radio/rec

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