Quito, Pichincha

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am designing a UAV that will fly over the Galápagos Islands for conservation purposes. www.galapagosuav.org or www.facebook.com/galapagosuav



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Jorge Pantoja replied to Randy's discussion Running SITL on Windows
"Hello to everyone,

Thank you for all your suggestions. I managed to get the SITL simulation running for ArduPlane on Linux and I was also able to connect to the Mission Planner on Windows. Now I would like to view the simulation on Flight Gear…"
Aug 25, 2014
Jorge Pantoja replied to Randy's discussion Running SITL on Windows
"Hello Randy,

I am having the exact same problem that Parth described when trying to run SITL for ArduPlane. Everyting builds ok but at the end I get FAILED: ['fly.ArduPlane']. I did the same for ArduCopter and it works perfectly. My set up is the…"
Jul 29, 2014
Jorge Pantoja replied to Mohamed Zakaria's discussion HIL simulation
"Dear everyone,

I would like to run a HIL simulation but I am having some trouble with it since I cannot upload the HIL Plane firmware into the Pixhawk (see the picture attached with the error messages). Is there something I am doing wrong? Can…"
Jul 15, 2014
Jorge Pantoja replied to Jorge Pantoja's discussion Installing / Building the code for the Pixhawk
"Dear Mike,

Thank you for your reply! Actually that is what I would like to be able to do in the not-so-distant future. We are working on a university project and would like to test our code in it so we would like to start getting acquainted with…"
Jun 19, 2014
Jorge Pantoja posted a discussion
Dear all,I am new to the ArduPilot community and would like to start using your software and hardware on my plane. I just got a PixHawk autopilot from the 3DRobotics store and it looks like a nice piece of hardware and I can't wait to get my hands…
Jun 18, 2014