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Founder and owner of Viacopter. Autoquad development team member and HW producer

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Been doing it since 2008. Gone from gyro-stabilized tricopters over almost every platform available on the Civilian market: KK, Multiwii, OP, APM before I joined Autoquad, which I spend most of my time on now.



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JussiH commented on Max Levine's blog post Autoquad just got smaller :)
"You could probably argue that most FC´s at the moment is very similar, since we all use the same basic types of HW from the same groups of vendors. How many ways is there to make a wheel?....some do it more elegantly than others and there are…"
Aug 7, 2014
JussiH posted a discussion
What happens if you get DOA electronics from any of the DIY stores?The simple answer is nothing at all, and you should not expect to get a refund or a repair. This is why (qouted from the terms here at the DIYdrones store) :Defective products…
Oct 25, 2010