Cincinnati, OH

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RC airplane and helicopter pilot. Arduino noob.

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Just getting started.


Cincinnati, Ohio

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Ken Burnes commented on Bernardo M. A.'s blog post Parachute tests with a multirotor
"Guys - Could a mouse trap spring device be adapted to throw the parachute?"
May 9, 2013
Ken Burnes replied to Dave C's discussion Arducopter Tuning Guide
"When you write of tuning rate_P, rate_I and rate_D which of the variables are you referring to?  I'm missing something basic as I see multiple of all of these e.g. under Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Loiter, and Throttle.    Sorry for the basic question."
Apr 16, 2013
Ken Burnes replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.9 / 2.9.1 released
"If after uploading the firmware you find some of your channels are backwards, is there a way to reverse them in the APM code or should you reverse them in your TX?"
Apr 7, 2013
Ken Burnes commented on Ted Van Slyck's blog post Vibration Reduction
"Thanks Ted - I'm in the early stages of building so I follow this thread closely.  I bought some Moon Gel to try when I get that far.  I plan to make my plate from acrylic sheet.  I have 1/4" so I'll start there.  Just FYI -  I found the following…"
Mar 11, 2013
Ken Burnes commented on Ted Van Slyck's blog post Vibration Reduction
"Ted - First Thanks for posting. If you don't mind, here are a few questions:  What are the dimensions (L x W x D) of the aluminum plate you're using?  Is the 42 gram mass of the plate critical in this anti-vibration setup or might it be more or less…"
Mar 8, 2013
Ken Burnes commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Arduino debugging tips
"Question - I too am getting compile errors even after implementing all the tips I've read.  Do you have to have anything hooked up to just compile the code?"
Jan 3, 2013