Valencia, CA

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Mechanical Engineering student who is very interested in RC aircrafts!

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Very interested in autonomous gliders and the avionics of UAVs in general


Valencia, CA

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Kyle posted a discussion
Hi, If this is the wrong place to put this please redirect me to the proper board. My issue is trying to configure the control surfaces from the pixracer to the mission planner software (Qgroundcontrol). The servos are being hooked up to channels 1…
Dec 26, 2019
Kyle replied to Kyle's discussion Connecting Multiple Pixracer r15's to One Computer?
"Gotcha, I appreciate the help. Thank you! Ronald Pandolfi said:
The Pixracer uses an ESP-01 WiFi adapter with embedded 2.4GHz antena. It was not intended for long range communication, but it often yields ~100m range to a laptop with internal WiFi,…"
Oct 28, 2019
Kyle posted a discussion
Hello all,I had a couple quick questions about the Pixracer r15. I am new to flight controllers so if these are noobie questions then I apologize. For the wifi connectivity, is there a specific range on that? And how reliable is it? Also, is it…
Oct 27, 2019
Kyle replied to Kyle's discussion Avionics for Self-autonomous Gliders
"Hey thank you for the response! I was researching flight controllers today and that link you provided really clears things up. Super appreciate it! Hans Miller said:
I think the easier way to do this is to simply use an ardupilot based flight…"
Oct 22, 2019
Kyle posted a discussion
Hi everyone!I am currently trying to design self autonomous glider that will simply glide itself to a designated target area. With that being said, there is no propulsion on this aircraft, only two servos for the ailerons on the sides to help keep…
Oct 20, 2019