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Luis A replied to Luis A's discussion Arducopter V3.1 Frame types
"As it may be useful to anyone with the same doubt, I found in the arducopter source code the lines that support this configuration to a Octa frame.  "
Apr 21, 2014
Luis A posted a discussion
Hi,This question was already asked in other forum, but never got an answer. I want to know if the Octa V frame type is still available in the new releases of Arducopter? I am asking this, because in the Mission Planner there is not the old icon for…
Apr 18, 2014
Luis A replied to jvmolo's discussion Snatched USB in ArduCopter User Group

if you have Xbees it is possible to do everything without the need of USB cable. Check this link: https://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/APM2Wireless"
Nov 18, 2013
Luis A posted a discussion
Hi, I'm currently developing a Android GCS. I have a problem when use the mission_start mavlink message, which has this format (this message is encapsulated in a command_long):<entry value="300" name="MAV_CMD_MISSION_START"><description>start…
Nov 12, 2013