Abu Dhabi

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MSc in EE Enjoys coding Open source PIquad flight controller visit: https://github.com/MChehadeh

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Interested in drones and flight dynamics. Working on controller synthesis and system identification.


Abu Dhabi

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M Chehadeh replied to M Chehadeh's discussion Auto tuner for PID gains
"Paul Lohman said:
I think I've seen PID auto tuners for industrial processes but have also read that their usefulness is negated because each use-case is so different.  

I am aware of PID autotuners for process control, they are definitely there.…"
Mar 20, 2017
M Chehadeh posted a discussion
Greetings All,I would like to hear a feedback from you about a possible product.I am working on an auto-tuner that can tune PID parameters in flight. The tuning is safe and fast.How helpful is this going to be for hobbyists?Are there existing…
Mar 14, 2017
M Chehadeh commented on MHefny's blog post Zero-PIDs Tuner for Multirotors
"Salam Mohammad,
Brilliant! Any updates?
I have some thoughts about how you could guess the D-term.
You are a skilled pilot which means you can tune in Acro mode ;) . I can only fly in Angle mode.
Jul 22, 2016
M Chehadeh replied to Yerzhan Khibassov's discussion Huge QuadCopter with Tiger U10/U8 motor and 28-29" props
"Any flight controller should fly it fine given you have access to PID parameters.
I am currently working on a novel autotuner which is open source (github/MChehadeh/PIquad). The full beta release is expected in the beginning of 2017.
For now, just…"
Jul 21, 2016