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If you can't take the heat, get out of the fire zone.  

We're flame-testing our newest Search & Rescue airframe and got some beautiful images thanks to photgrapher, Liana Bandžiulytė.  Here are a few of the best:

(No drones, airframes, electronics or props were hurt in this test.  One guy burned the hair off his finger, though.)





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Game of Drones will be hosting aerial action games at Maker Faire this May!  It's going to be our biggest event to date - And we want you there! 

Click here for all the instructions to register with Maker Faire and Game of Drones:!maker-faire-registration-info/c1v1w 

Maker Faire is a MASSIVE, 2-day event, May 17 & 18, covering the entire world of DIY, and Game of Drones will be hosting 2 full days of aerial sports and drone games in the Drone Dome - a huge central arena surrounded by bleachers and drone pits. We will also be hosting a drone build workshop and demo zone - it's great science, sports and engineering fun for the whole family!

Game types include: 
Aerial Sumo Dogfighting 
Obstacle Course 
Freestyle stunt flying
Tag (fox & hound)

We invite you to join us & compete against your fellow makers and flyers.  All competitors will receive free tickets to Maker Faire (worth $30), and other perks (to be announced). 

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Game of Drones is hosting a UAV build party and aerial sports meetup this Sat, March 1st in San Fransico, from 6-10 PM.  

It's completely free, and fun for the whole family.  Everyone is encouraged to come, whether you're already a drone flyer or just fly-curious.  This event will focus on our community of flyers. We have met some great people at our Meetups and we would like to show our appreciation and keep everyone involved.

1) We'll be accepting pilot/dogfighter applications for our drone event at Maker Faire Bay Area, May 17 & 18.  Everyone who competes will get a free complimentary ticket to Maker Faire, plus other perks and benefits.  More details to be announced.

2) It's a build party. Bring your drone gear to build, repair, mod, sell and share. Lets share our knowledge about hacking flight boards, components and techniques to create the drones of our dreams.

3) We need to establish some solid infrastructure and rules so the sport can thrive.  We'll be playing several new aerial games, including fox & hound, obstacle courses, time trials and more.

So bring your drones, tools, questions and know-how to this next event! It should be a good time for all. 

See you then! 

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Thanks to the great support from all of our backers, Game of Drones reached it's initial fundraising goal of $25,000 in under 2 weeks.  But our project doesn't stop there - we're just getting started.  


So to celebrate and say "Thank You" to all our supporters, we've just announced a stretch goal to help the project reach even higher.  So here it is....

If Game of Drones can reach $50,000 by Feb 13th, we will add several additional rewards for all our backers - and the "Cadet" and above backers will all receive a set of one-of-a-kind hand painted propellers seen in our promo images.  We'll also include a set of matching 3D-printed motor mounts as well.

So spread the word about our campaign, tell your friends online, and help Game of Drones reach even higher

Thx again for all the amazing support.  Rotors up!

-Marque & Eli

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The last time Game of Drones scheduled a fight club fly-in, the response was overwhelming, so we've booked a space in SF for this coming Sat, Feb 1st, from 6-10 PM.  

Admission is free for pilots, crew and spectators, so join us with your drone - or without.

"Fly 'em hard and beat 'em like they owe you money.  They're only drones"


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Game of Drones has been working hard to create really tough UAV airframes that can withstand extreme abuse and keep flying.  We just launched a Kickstarter  to distribute them.  Here's a video test using an aluminum baseball bat to simulate crash impacts.  Take a look...

"Fly 'em hard and beat 'em like they owe you money.  They're only drones" 

Kickstarter here


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Game of Drones Kickstarter Announced

The Sumo Quad Action Sports Drone Airframe by Game of Drones


This unique airframe is designed from the ground up to resist damage due to crashes, water landings, extreme impacts and even gunfire.  Whether you are a novice pilot or an experienced aerial dogfighter, this airframe will stand up to the toughest abuse and keep flying - AND it works with virtually any flight electronics & gear - DJI, 3D Robotics, Hobby King and more.  Kickstarter Launching Jan 13, 2014

The Sumo Action-Sports quad may not be the first airframe you buy, but it will probably be the last.

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SF Drone Meetup Videos

Game of Drones had a Meetup & Fly-In over the weekend for SF Bay Area drone makers and pilots.  It was a great day. About 20 pilots showed up from as far away as Sacramento and Santa Cruz and brought with them all kinds of interesting homemade UAV's.  

The weather was sunny, warm and clear and everyone had a great time flying "Groom Lake West"  our massive flying field and stunt park.
Game of Drones showed off several unbreakable airframe prototypes.  There were several aerial drone battles and even a demo of our paintball gunship shooting targets and "prey."
We plan to have another event soon, so follow our tweets or facebook to always know when we're firing up the rotors!



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+++Attention all SF Bay Area Drone Pilots and UAV Enthusiasts+++

Come to the Game of Drones Meetup & Fly-in this Sunday, November 24th:


Announcing the Grand Opening of the Game of Drones' brand new airfield, Groom Lake West, located in beautiful American Canyon, CA.  To celebrate, Game of Drones is hosting an open-house Meetup & Fly-In on Sunday November 24th.  It's free, family-friendly and a ton of fun.  

All the details and RSVP here:

Bring your drones, UAV's, fixed-wings and multi-rotors and experience our 100+ acres of wide open skies, as well as several terrain & stunt zones, filled with trees, forts, tunnels and other obstacles.




Check out these airfield panoramas:

There will be games, prizes, demos and more. Game of Drones will be showing off our latest Sumo Quad Action Sports airframes, as well as demoing our aerial dogfighting and combat games.  You might even win one of our airframes for your very own! 

Come to the Game of Drones Meetup & Fly-in this Sunday:


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 "Fly 'em hard and put 'em away wet.  They're only drones."

Game of Drones is a new video series focused on designing and creating hardcore airframes that can take punishment.  Waterproof, bulletproof & crash-proof are the goals.  Pictured here is the "Flying Squirrel" or the Mark III design.  With the GoPro camera integrated right in, this is an ideal airframe to learn how to fly in FPV.



Motors mount directly to the material with the "T" bracket...




The rough mold on the vacuum-forming table.  The GoPro was a last-minute addition.




A few of the design concepts that will soon be arriving from GoD.



This spherical ring design is strong enough to support 200 lbs. without warping or bending.  Now to find motors that can actually lift that weight.



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Here are a few pics of a recent project - a inexpensive DIY vacuum-formed styrene quad frame that can take any abuse thrown at it.  So far it has survived flying in a downpour, falling from great heights and getting hit with a barrage of paintballs - and it's survived it all with no problems.  Today we're testing water take-off's and landings.  Wish us luck...


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