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  • Also, please keep in mind that the cost WILL go down significantly, but not necessarily during our launch and tooling-up time, and the wholesale cost of the raw material is very high, due to it's unique ballistic resistance - We are NOT using standard Kydex as some people believe.  Once we can purchase material by the ton, costs will go down even further.  So we fully expect these airframes to become available at retail for about 1/2 that amount sometime in next year.  But for those who can't wait that long, we've launched this KS opportunity for them to get one early.   Thanks again for the comments.

  • Sometimes, it's worth investing in quality.  With this design, you will never need replacement airframe parts again.  In my 1st year as a pilot, I easily spent that amount on broken landing gear, bent arms and other damaged frame elements.  However to this day, I STILL fly the original prototype airframe we shot with a 12 gauge - and it flies steady as a rock.  Here is the video we made demonstrating it's toughness..

  • $125 for that! seriously, i thought you were trying to make the costs lower for beginners?

  • hehe martin i said the same thing and was ignored i then commented again and was told they get 20mins on 2200mah which to me is ... unlikely

  • Chuck, that is the same setup I favor.  It works like a charm.   Those OEM DJI props are the best, they bend without damage and absorb a lot of damage that would hurt the motors or snap an inferior prop.  Thanks for the support and share the link!

  • I backed you guys, I have some DJI motors on a F450 frame that I am not doing much with at the moment - I am looking forward to beating this up, better order more of those DJI Props :)

  • @Greg Dronsky, yeah! There are 10% hover time gains every single time. You can visualize what's going on with sound (no more sharp buzzing) and smoke - the intake part of the prop has air coming in slowly from a 180° hemisphere and exiting fast in a parallel stream. If you place an obstacle in the fast flow, you get massive turbulence. If you place it in the slow intake flow, the output parallel stream remains laminar and efficient.

  • I have never really had airframe durability problems. .. I usually just bend motors...
    I don't get the push for a indestructible frames when the motors don't hold up to bad crashes anyways...
    I do like how all the wiring is internal...
  • So is this Kydex? @Martin Seven - do you think that putting motors and props below would help?

  • So what's the deal with obstructing a fifth of the prop disc with obscenely wide arms these days?

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