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Compass setup drives me mad

Hi, I'm trying to setup my quad, using an old APM1 which I bought broken but was able to repair by replacing some parts (mainly ADC converter IC on shield, and a replacing the PPM signal converter AtMega238). Everything is working except that I can't

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Airspeed sensor mounting question

Hi. I wonder if it is possible to mount the airspeed sensor in some other way than straight upfront in the nose of the airplane??

I would like to have mine on the wing, which would give me less headache if I were to touch down gently no the nose (read

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APM v1.? having some issues

Hi all, I bought a used APM for a fair price with had a broken oilpan (the atmel dataflash IC is ripped off :).

anyway im fairly good at soldering so there will be no trouble physically replacing the part.

Im running some tests to see what shape this b

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Problem with RTL and Circle mode

Hi, Im relatively new to using the ArduPlane software. This is also my first post here on the forum.

I have some problems which I can't really understand.

Im running the 2.66 version of the software on a APM2.5. Airframe is a slightly stiffened up Bixl

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