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Pix4d Services

Anyone know of a service using pix4d. Looking for either per survey or monthly. Used it in school and liked it for its orthos and dsm products.

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PIX4D Help

Greetings from Texas, 

Not sure if anyone is running PIX4D however I am not sure why but I am getting bad results with my data. I am flying 3dr Solo with GoPro4 with 5.4MM Lens. I am flying at 300ft with 70% sidelap taking pictures every two seconds.

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I am trying to geotag images with Mission Planner and then use PIX4d to orthorectify. The problem I am having is when the images are tagged they have the same lat/long. Anyone have any ideas? See the image below.  


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Mapping GIS/Orthophotos


I just wanted to share some of my initial results for mapping. I am using a Go Pro 4 Silver with a 5.4mm lens from Peau Productions. I swapped the lens out yesterday. I plan to fine tune the focus tomorrow to see if I can get better results. T

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Flight log book


I was curious as to what was being used to log flights. Total flight time, max speed , max alt etc. I tried looking on the ap store but nothing solid. And recomendations would be greatley appreciated.


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Rotor VS Fixed for Nadir Aerial Mapping


After months of delaying my build I have finally gotten the time needed. I also finished  my graduate certificate in GEOINT so I am looking forward to applying many of the things I learned. I am initially looking at mapping the 20 acres I live

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