Gainesville, FL

About Me:

I am a 62yo USArmy VietNam VET,1stInfantry at that.Also a HomeHospice patient,esoph.ca. I do great,most times,the only thing is,it doesnt stay light long enough,cuz I find it difficult to fly after dark.Aww.Got 3 Exes,4kids,3 boys&1 girl,all grown and kids of their own.ENOUGH

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Ive always been interested in flying,havent flown,or been on a plane since 10Dec.73,EOSdatefrom military. I always wanted a uav,couldnt afford till 1 day about 2 years ago,was at a pawn shop,saw 1 I knew I could fly & afford,a control with your hand UFO,7bucks,and well,Ive had a bunch& still do,just ordered an AP10 pro,stats& reviews are great,ILL find out next wed.Flying UAVs is for me,one of the most enjoyable& relaxingsports? I know.



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Michael Cooper left a comment on 3DR SOLO
"Hey,attention SOLO pilots; I have a solo that went psyco on me on the 3rd flight. No worries though, it had the updated version [black board] gps,I got it in my other solo and, WOW what a difference! However, the rest of it is available for whomever…"
Apr 4, 2017