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No esc/servo output

I have a new APM2 flashed for aircraft use and installed..  Mavlink is working. Radio is calibrated and mode switch are recongnized and working, but no apparent output.. no servo movement or esc armed.

I have a separate Castle Pro BEC set for 5v, plug

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stabilized mode problems

Having trouble with new apm2 getting  to center controls in stabilized mode.  All the servo directions and compensating movements seem to be correct (elevon mode), however,  when initiating stabilized mode, the controls act as if the plane is not lev

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Gyro/DIP problem

Using elevon setup with new boards..

Controls are working in manual mode and seem to correct/modulate well in stabilize mode, however no matter where the DIPs are set, one axis is always opposite UNTILL I flip the board(s) over with the oil pan facing

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