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Running a school UAV program.



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Mostyn Gale commented on Doug Hunsaker's blog post How to avoid pitfalls when using taper and twist
"Another great video Doug, and great explanation of how we can use wingtip incidence to create a more elliptic like lift distribution while also improving wingtip stall qualities.I suppose that when using wingtip incidence to create elliptic lift,…"
Sep 30, 2015
Mostyn Gale commented on Doug Hunsaker's blog post Why sweep hurts endurance and what to do about it
"Great website and software there Doug. I always dreamed of having access to such things.I agree with Mark's first comment. You can only take comparisons between birds and planes so far. Birds have different constraints on their design than aircraft.…"
Sep 25, 2015
Mostyn Gale commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post An awesome day at CMAC
"Here are two videos of the telemaster in vertical flight. I thought I was taking videos of the transition between quadcopter and fixed wing flight but my phone ran out of memory and it was too bright to see that it wasn't filming."
Sep 11, 2015