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Need help with log / failsafe

I'm having an issue that I can't figure out because my log file displays as a bunch of garbled characters. Is there a special viewer for Droidplanner log files?I'm trying to get into alt-hold to kick off the autotune, but I get a failsafe message and

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Newbie's APM learning curve frustrations

I have a quad that I got from someone as a project, and I think I'm close to giving up on it.

I think I'm close to getting it off the ground, but at this point I'm stuck and thinking it may be time to move on to the next (easier) project.

I have an APM

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Sanity check & forward plan advice

I'm at the point where I think I should be able to get in the air fairly quickly, but I'm also starting to get the in-over-my-head feeling so I figured I'd post here to get some input from people who can help.

Background: 2 months ago I bought what ap

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