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I am an Engineer and Project Manager with some years involved with UAV, focused on payloads and attainable rather than toys.

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I have developed large Utility fully automated, long duration UAV for use with NVDI, Photogrametry and [FLIR] IR sensors. I intend to work with Agronomists to focus on NVDI use specific to particular crops and areas.Doing this will allow the best and safest use of large UAV for Agriculture and EPA type work where the data loop can be specified and completed yielding real benefits to the broader community. Our Photogrammetry UAV can provide 1cm accurate mapping data and it is envisaged to optimise the NVDI and the 3D work using a GIS platform. IR work will follow



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Ned Clark left a comment for John Fitter
"Hi John,
I am very interested in the use of GPR on our new Hybrid Quad. 
Primarily I am interested in Mine Detection and shallow overburden definition in alumina mine sites.
Would we be able to have a conversation about your GPR work today please?…"
Apr 15, 2018
Ned Clark posted a discussion
Hi FolksI am trying to set up a 2m wing span Sky Observer with Pixhawk using the Mission Planner .Has anybody got a configuration file that might help please???This aircraft will be used for mapping eventually and so I also need some help with…
Jul 24, 2016
Ned Clark replied to Andrii Seleznov's discussion ground truth for NDVI maps in Agricultural UAVs
"NVDI is very subjective. Pix4D gives you the ability to tweak the R,G,B and NIR spectra to optimise for your crop but you have to understand just what you are looking for to do this.
NVDI runs the risk of being devalued by people not understanding…"
Apr 9, 2016
Ned Clark posted a discussion
I need a simple user interface for our Pixhawk based fixed wing UAV.We need to allow farmers and non UAV oriented people to safely fly our NVDI payload and hope the Raven GCS will do just that.Is this the case if so when will it be rolled out?
Dec 17, 2015
Ned Clark replied to Pat Randall's discussion Business Opportunites for Drones in Agriculture in Agricultural UAVs
"Hi everyone,
The use of UAV in Ag is predicated on cost and benefit. There is no upside in my travelling a day to do a 100 acre vineyard unless the owner wants to pay a lot of money [one has to budget on costs plus min $1000/day].
The only business…"
Dec 17, 2015
Ned Clark replied to Sha Zhou's discussion Low Cost, High Performance RTK Module from Tersus
"I would like more information on this please.
Dec 17, 2015
Ned Clark left a comment for Ned Clark
Can anybody give me a pointer re over the horizon Auto Pilot systems.......... I am looking at the Micropilot LRC that uses Iridium and costs $26000.............
Wt is not a major problem as I am looking at MTW of 150 Kg.... so this is a big…"
Aug 16, 2009