Bannockburn, Victoria

About Me:

Originally started aero-modelling in the early sixties - 1960's and not 1860's. I may be a bit old but NOT that old. Competed with free-models A1 gliders and contest-power. Involved with the defence forces and getting married, dropped out for a while only to start up again in the eighties. Started a local club - which to this day is till up and running. Moved to another club (because people thought I “owned” the club and therefore would not do anything without my endorsement. Result was I was appointed CFI at the new club once people got to know me and saw how I flew. Dropped out again whilst I took up flying the "real thing". Now, with a chronic back problem, it's back to RC starting with Helicopters and now Quads. Still do a bit of fixed wings stuff. Background in IT (40 years!) - and still developing, building and coding. Also involved in Amateur radio hence the call-sign.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Having been involved in micro-controllers the past few years and lo longer flying my own 'plane, decided to extend the grey-matter and exercise my hand-eye co-ordination into "smart flying". Bought myself a (WL Toys) Cyclone (+ camera)quad to see what it was like. Loved it just for the pure joy of flying. The Cyclone is a TOY - but a relatively cheap way of being introduced to the start UAV world. Currently building a HK 470 using the MultiWii Pro. Short-term objectives include getting a sound knowledge-base on the nuances of the TGY 9X and the UAV/multi-rotor jargon.


Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia

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Nick - VK3TY commented on Rob Thompson's blog post The Importance Of Flying A Basic System, How To Progress In UAV
"I wonder what does the flyer who cant work on their vehicle do?" - sadly, they rely on so called "professional experts" that undertake repairs on their behalf and charge for their so called "professional service'.  Result is that they add…"
Jun 26, 2014
Nick - VK3TY commented on Rob Thompson's blog post The Importance Of Flying A Basic System, How To Progress In UAV
"Hi Rob (& other forum members),
There are fliers and there a builders.
As much as I agree with the bulk of statements you made, trying to entice an "all thumbs" person to build a refined machine when they find folding paper aeroplanes difficult is a…"
Jun 24, 2014
Nick - VK3TY commented on Gordon's blog post Mode Switch Setup for Turnigy 9x
"I'm the newbie on the block but have been following the mail (thanks to Gordon's great article). I don't think there are enough accolades that could be passed on to Gordon that would do justice.
Just as an aside - "GYR" is the "Gear" toggle. Don't…"
Jun 24, 2014