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Olag Agesov posted a discussion
Hi all!Long story short: pixhawk (clone) 2.4.8; i was flying my x6 wing in strong winds; cruising was ok, switched to fbwa - ok, switched to manual - nose dive without control, switched to fbwa - still diving, switched to cruise - still diving…
Aug 29, 2016
Olag Agesov replied to Olag Agesov's discussion Gaining altitude on RTL instead of going down
"I haven't faced this problem anymore and upgraded APM firmware to the last one. But I still wonder what had happened..."
Mar 5, 2016
Olag Agesov posted a discussion
Hi all,I have FX-69 FPV eqiupped flying wing with APM2 (3.3.0)+NEO-7M.Recently I flown to my first 1km heigh and got some troubles switching to RTL mode.My RTL heigh is set to 100m and i flown a lot of times with no problems, but that day I was…
Oct 21, 2015