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Cannot connect to APM 2.5 with USB

This is new. I jsut upgraded the mission planner and I cannot connect with USB to the APM 2.5. If I use the wireless telemetry there is no problem, it connects right away.

The COM 19 is installed as "Arduino Mega 2560" and has no errors.

Yes the missio

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Why is it falling from the sky?

So far I've been lucky. Every few days my hexa is falling from the sky, but always managed to land it with minimal damage. My new retractable landing gear seems to work as a dampener as well.

Remember, this is the same hexa which is also twitching, th

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6 position flight mode switch

For one of my projects where I need to build a ground station and install computer, controller, camera control etc. in a case I thought it would be much easier to access the 6 different possible flight modes from a single rotary switch. For that reas

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Resolution of in-flight tuning with Ch-6 knob


is there a way to increase the resolution when during in-flight tuning with a knob connected to Channel 6?

If I set the minimum value to 4 and the maximum to 6 from one end of the knob to the other I only ger 3 values: 4, 5 and 6. Not 4.5 or 4.65 o

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Altitude hold setup - step by step

If somebody could could help with such it would be really helpful.

I have been searching around for 5-6 days now and reading every post, watching every video but yet I still have to understand how to make this happen properly. I am coming from the Mik

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Ch7 and Ch8 Output Problems

I have been trying to figure this out for a while now with not much luck. I built a retractable landing gear for my hexa and I would like to make it retract through channel 7 or 8. 

If I connect the landing gear to the receiver directly, and switch th

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