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Hi all - There have been a lot of great microcontroller-based autopilot projects posted here lately. For our entry into the AUVSI UAS competition, we wanted to build an autopilot system with plenty of power for developing our imaging system. We also wanted to use the excellent Paparazzi ground station. The result was to port the Paparazzi autopilot software to run on Linux, and use a 3.5" single board computer onboard.

The result is a bit bigger and heavier than microcontroller based autopilots, like the Paparazzi Tiny v2 and the Ardupilot. We're using a hand-me-down .60 size trainer for our flight tests, and are moving up to a 10ft wingspan, 25lb plane when we add our imaging system. More news on that system to come in the next few weeks.

Please check out the project website:

- Pat Hickey, Rutgers Autonomous Aircraft Team

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