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Randy O replied to Maxime's discussion Quadcopter keeps crashing randomly (+video)
"You can hand launch these systems without adverse effects?   I know my other *unnamed" systems have very low tolerance for any movements after booting and before flight..  I am thinking about installing the Ardu on a multi...

The crash does look…"
Sep 1, 2013
Randy O replied to Phil Gooch's discussion power to the receiver? in ArduPlane User Group
"I like the Castle 10A BEC unit as it appears to be fairly quiet and has plenty of power on reserve for radio, servos or other accessories..  "
Aug 30, 2013
Randy O replied to azerty09's discussion motor won't turn;( hkss serie esc) in ArduPlane User Group
"Assuming you have the throttle channel setup on the transmitter (CH1 or CH3)
You may need to calibrate the ESC..
Turn on transmitter and push to full throttle
Power up the ESC.. after the first series of beeps…"
Aug 30, 2013
Randy O replied to Antonio Alfaro's discussion Crash while stabilized mode in ArduPlane User Group
"Have had set up a couple different auto pilot systems and having had made my share of errors in setups... it sounds to me as though you may need to "up" your test altitudes...  I had a $1000 airframe do a 90º nose dive at 50knts upon the first…"
Aug 26, 2013
Randy O commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post How to boost your 2.4Ghz Spektrum/JR Transmitter signal!
"https://www.cablesondemand.com  for the cables.."
Dec 11, 2012