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Richard Hopkinson replied to 29sbpxgo3ojqq's discussion Utilizing NDVI for Nitrogen Application in Agricultural UAVs
"The imaging won't be much use on its own. Unless you collaborate with an agronomist with fairly extensive knowledge of the crop/s in question, you would ideally measure foliar N levels and correlate with water application or uptake in some way.

May 17, 2014
Richard Hopkinson replied to Trevor Strand's discussion Servo Jitter / Channel Coupling with DSM2 Radio? Need Help
"I had similar problems with the 9XR and Orange Tx module, with Orange 6 and 9 channel Rxs.
The couple was the same, between throttle and channel 1 (aileron), although not as severe as you have described. The channel 1 servo would move to a fixed…"
May 30, 2013
Richard Hopkinson replied to Jimmy Prouty's discussion X8 Configuration File for APM 2.5?
"Hey Jimmy, I hoped you would have a reply by now.
There's an X8 users group a here: http://www.diydrones.com/group/x8
You could try there.

Sorry to be leading you on a bit of a chase, I'm not that familiar with all the different groups here- not…"
May 28, 2013
Richard Hopkinson replied to Byron Gainger's discussion Fight mode locked in "Stablise"
"Make sure your APM is not in failsafe mode.
If you're working on the bench without a throttle input, depending on the settings the APM can go into failsafe.
In that condition the mode switch will not have any effect and the MP mode indicator on the…"
May 26, 2013
Richard Hopkinson replied to Veikko Vierola's discussion Wing Area / Weight Ratio For 2,6M Electric Glider (Good or Bad?)
"We have been hand-launching a 2.5m electric glider with wing loadings up to 72g/dm^2. with success- although at that loading there is no room for error when launching.
You have better a static thrust-to-weight ratio than our heavy glider (static…"
Oct 5, 2012