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Earwig balancing robot (you tube) Robot wars UK Tridentate PIC33 C programmer ! electronics and engineering background

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Dreams are becoming real. Fairies, Darpa hummingbird. Primesense capri . UAV's (and U Road V's should be able to replace many transport congestion problems we have. I am excited.


Lancashire UK

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Rob McDougall commented on Jonathan Price's blog post Determining Altitude AGL Using Optical Flow
"I love these sensors, they have come full circle! . Ive tested several mouse sensors on a wheeled robot chassis as linear sensors about a year ago. The System On Chip tracks pattern movment based on a pattern from military planes flying over icy…"
Feb 14, 2013
Rob McDougall commented on Anis Nielsen's blog post From mach-20 glider to humming bird drone ; Regina Dugan (DARPA) on TED
"Godess. Giver of dreams.
I have distributed my gyro/accel SW drivers for free and helped many people with their balancing robots.
Money has nothing to do with glory.
To fail is not a reason to stop, Hummingbird is astounding, it puts tears in my…"
Jan 5, 2013